Friday, August 6, 2010

Every Good and Perfect Gift

Have you ever been given a special gift or blessing that you could not stop smiling about? We'll almost a week ago, I received just such a gift. Matt and I were just driving home from visiting with his parents for the day and something caught my eye just a couple of streets from our home. Propped up just as pretty as you please against a tree was a head board!
Let me back up a minute and explain something. Matt and I haven't had a headboard on our bed for the five years that we've been married. We looked many different times into buying one, but it is hard to come up with $300+ dollars on a tight budget. I had even considered making one to attach to the wall like I've seen so many different times on home improvement shows. The only problem with that is that the head of our bed has to be against a window. Matt, being the carpenter that he is, had offered to build us one too. Of course, that would take more time and money. So we just went without and kept our eyes open.
I'm so glad that I did have my eyes open that day! We drove right by the house so I asked Matt if he would turn around, and being the loving husband that he is, he did. We pulled up and I jumped out to see what size it was. It was a QUEEN SIZE HEAD BOARD! I walked up to the house and asked the lady about it and she said that it was FREE! I was so excited. I told Matt the great news and then we were trying to figure out how we'd get it home in our four door Honda. I walked back up to the house just to let the lady know that we'd have to come back for it in a few minutes. This time her husband answered the door. Well, he asked how far we lived and then he loaded it into his truck and followed us home. He also told us that he had bought it for his wife 6 months ago. She didn't like it and she thought it was ugly. So it had never been used and it still had the tags on it! We only had $15 cash in the house so we gave it to him with a tract. I can only imagine what he really paid for it.
Anyway, that is the story of our head board. It was such a blessing! I truly believe the Lord gave it to us. I walk into our bedroom and see this beautiful new head board and it just makes me smile and thank the Lord!