Thursday, September 16, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Two things that I really enjoy doing is redecorating and home improvement projects. I like seeing something that may be dirty or broken and fixing it up to look almost new again. Because we are renting an apartment in an older house, I don't get the opportunity to do these fun projects very often, but we have done a few things here.

Recently, I decided it was time to dress up our front entry way. To get to our apartment you have to go up these narrow and steep set of stairs. Well, moving furniture in and out of this area has left it's mark all over the walls as you can see.

I wanted to keep this a very, very low budget project so I began by looking around to see what I had on hand to use. So I used leftover paint and put two coats of yellow on the walls and two coats of white on all of the trim. Then I bought a curtain rod for the window and a rod to hide our shelving. Now I needed some curtains. Curtains can be soooooooo expensive! Well, one Saturday my mom and I went out to some yard sales and I found my curtains. There were four panels and valances of the prettiest lace curtains ever! And to make it even better, they only cost me $3! I was so excited. On the following day, someone else that I had told about my little project found two free swag curtains that had never been used. They matched perfectly with my $3 curtains.

I bought one curtain rod for the window and one small rod to go over the shelves so I can hide all of our things. Sorry, but I don't have a picture of the junkie shelves. :) I just draped one swag curtain over the top of the curtain rod and used rubber bands to hold it in place like this.

So here is the almost final product. I say almost because I still have to paint the door white and finish the curtain for my shelving. All total so far, I've only spent about $10. The paint was free, the swag was free, the curtains were $3, and the curtain rods cost around $7. I'll post the final pictures when it is totally finished. Of course, it might be a while because my sewing machine is broken at the moment . Oh, the wreath was made for us by my very talented mother-in-law. Isn't it pretty?! :) (I did this project and wrote this post back in August. So it is a little old.)